helping companies reduce transportation spend
by providing industry insight and better decision-making tools

LCRP is dedicated to providing companies of all sizes the ability to identify and address whether they have best in class small parcel, LTL, LT, Ocean and Airfreight agreements in place or not.  LCRP offers a risk free complimentary assessment of your entire logistics operations both domestic and international.  This assessment will evaluate shipping routes, locations, carriers, modes, service levels, volume, pricing, contract terms/incentives/rates/discounts, delivery methods/trends, and many other factors are analyzed to reveal cost savings opportunities.

LCRP consultants have had deep experience in logistics and the logistics consulting business.  Before deregulation, bar coding, electronic billing, non-disclosure agreements, personal computers and the internet – to name just a few – carrier negotiations was far less complex.  However, in today’s environment, it’s your corporate obligation to understand how complicated this process is, what tools you have and don’t have to effectively maximize your savings, how to secure a favorable agreement and how a third party contract negotiations consulting firm can successfully augment this process with tools that are probably not available to you.

LCRP can help you identify and address critical factors that exist in your current carrier agreements that are driving your costs unnecessarily.  You know what you know and you probably have a good idea of what you don’t know but what about the unknown unknowns?  With LCRP, you can leverage all three!

Jim Merrill, Founder and CEOWebSizeDSC_2730

Jim Merrill is the Founder of LCRP, LLC.  He has an extensive executive management and consulting background with more than twenty-seven years in the logistics and transportation industry.  Jim began his transportation career in 1988 with Airborne Express in NYC as a Sales Representative.  In 1990 he was promoted to District Sales Manager in Central New Jersey.  By 1994 Jim grew his Central NJ District into the largest Sales District for Airborne Express in the U.S. and was recognized as the most accomplished Sales Executive in the company in the 1990’s.  In 1998 Jim was again promoted to Regional Sales Manager, one of ten RSM’s in the country.

Jim’s unique experience includes extensive parcel contract negotiations on both sides of the negotiations table: twelve years on the carrier side throughout the 90’s at Airborne Express, and the past 15 years in his current role as outside consultant to hundreds of companies that use various transportation services.

Jim understands the art of building relationships and trust with clients and business partners alike.  He is a highly successful manager who understands the value of hiring, developing and promoting future successful managers is the cornerstone to personal and professional success for everyone in the organization.  A strong team is stronger than any one individual.